I was wondering if you could tell me my hair type. Also how can I find my porosity level

All my hair isn't natural yet. I have been transitioning for almost a year. However, I think that all of my back hair is natural and hopefully someone could see it and be able to tell me my hair type and give me some ways in order for me to get the best wash n go styles based off my hair type. Thanks

1 Answer

Does your hair have any product in it or is it freshly washed? If freshly washed then I would say about 3c. But really only you will truly know your hair type because it comes about through actually being able to touch and examine your strands. Naturallycurly has a calculator on here that helps you determine your hair type. I found that I had to do quite a bit of additional research, though, to truly figure out what kind of hair I have, because the hair typing system can be confusing (I just use it as a general guide).