How do I get my 2A hair to become a 3A? Or at least a 2C?

I remember when I was little I had Curly 3A hair and I use to haaaaate it because I always wanted straight hair like my sister. When I was about 6 my hair was curly from the top, sides of my face and the bottom of my hair. The rest was wavy/ straight. When I got older my hair was all around wavy. I use to straighten my hair because I loved the look and now I don't straighten it at all. Sometimes my hair is curly around my face and then just wavy from the back. I want to get my curly hair back. I look at my moms hair and I think it's soooo beautiful. I'm willing to do anything to get them back. I have layers in my hair and my hair is about 2 inches pasted my shoulders. I'm also wondering will it help using a diffuser? Some days I wake up and my hair is wavy/ curly & other days it's straight. PLEASE HELP!!!

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