I'm confused! Is it possible to have 3 different textures of hair? Like a 4a and 4c

I've took all the quizzes read all the articles. I believe I'm a 4 something but parts of my hair is very fine, limp almost straight and other parts are coily springy and corse! I'm so confused!!!! 

2 Answers

it's absolutely possible to have multiple textures of hair on one head. Most naturals don't have just one texture of hair. 
I have more than one for sure. My hair has a lot of different curl patterns and I don't know what they are. I was told I'm 4a in the back and maybe on the sides too. My top has a kinky wave pattern with some coils but they aren't springy coils like the back and sides. The sides are looser though. This natural hair thing is so confusing. Lol!