I'm confused, what is my hair type? What should I do?

My mom just took out my kinky twist and told me I have "tight curls" at the root of my hair.  I thought it was from the kinky twist but they're not. To me overall my hair looks 4c but now with these "tight curls" I don't know. I was going to just perm my hair because I can't handle 4c hair but if my hair is curly or at least 4a I want to grow it out. I only have about 3 or 4 inches of natural hair. Help me please.

2 Answers

It's pretty common for people to have multiple hair types on the same head. I'd let it grow out a bit; the weight might pull out some of the tighter curl. Once it gets longer, you can make a decision what to do next. Even if it is is 4c, it can still be beautiful, if you'll let it get some length!
Love your hair and own it for what it is ^^ no matter what form or fashion it is in, my advice to you is to let it grow! try transitioning and see where your journey takes you go on youtube!! there are many 4c naturals who do some awsome styles that I cannot accomplish due to my texture but their is a wonderland around every corner in every shade of hair! dont let a type define you be original YOU CAN DO IT!