I'm currently transitioning and having a tough time figuring out my hair type!

Could someone please help me? My hair is quite thick! Also I recently did the porosity test, and my hair has high porosity, if that helps in figuring it out. There are curls that you can see, but many of them happen to be very frizzy as well as packed together. I just can't quite figure it out!

2 Answers

Hello,I think you should upload a whole-hair pic... (Sorry my english it's not very good xD). It's hard to figure out your type of hair if we can see all your hair. It doesn't seems Kinky or Coily. I guess your hair its on the 3 (dunno if is a 3A, 3B...) there's too much frizz to see the pattern but looks like an "s" loose curl. The best wishes,(Another in transition) 
I also think you should upload a picture of all you hair for a better answer. Frizz is because you are transitioning and transitioning may be the reason you can't tell you curl pattern. I think you should wait a few more month to get a better answer. Please keep in mind that since you are transitioning, the relaxed part of your hair will weigh down your curls which will result in a distorted answer for your curl pattern. Hope this helps a bit.