I'm having a hard time figuring what hair type I have. Help please! My sister thinks 4c and I don't.

I  have compared my hair to my sister's which her's is courser than mine. My hair is fine textured so I know that it's not the same as her's. She believes that I'm a 4C hair type. My coils are very loose but cotton feel all over. Some of my curls are bigger than most. Help please!

3 Answers

Your hair is defiantly in the 4 type category. (Coily)But how tight/springy are your curls?
from the picture of you, I would actually say 4b/c. 
It looks like fine 4C hair. You may also have some 4B hair (the looser textures on your head). You may actually have the same hair type as your sister or both be in the same type 4 category (totally just a guess) because hairtype/curl pattern does not determine how coarse or fine your hair is. Someone can have very coarse 2A hair, someone else can have very fine, soft 4C hair, and someone else can have very coarse 4C hair. My own sister is 4C like me but her hair is soft and fine and so it appears a lot looser than mine. Mine is a bit more coarse and not as soft, but very coily and shrinks a lot.I hope that helps!