I'm having a huge issue with massive knots in my 2b/2c hair. I'm ready to just chop it off.

I'm honestly just frustrated.I can't even make it to 2nd day hair without having knots the size my fist just randomly appear.When I do wash my hair, I fully detangle when dry with the use of coconut oil or a mix of water and conditioner in a spray bottle.I shampoo my hair and than condition it. I leave the conditioner in while I shower and rinse at the end.My current conditioner is Paul Mitchell's The dentangler (?) And I use Giovannis BlackBerry shampoo.I don't use many if any products once I'm out of the shower. Sometimes, I apply a small amount of oil on my ends when the hair is dry. I've recently trimmed my hair, I usually keep up with it because I get split ends easily.I just want to know if there is anything I can do to help minimize knots. Should I use a different dentangle method or what products should I use or avoid?Please and thank you!

2 Answers

Try Aussie Moist Condtioner , Crème of Nature Strength and Shine, and Garnier Sleek and shine serum. with slip. I have hair that tangles a lot underneath, Hope this helps u
i have the same problem with my 2b/2c medium-thin, low poroshair! So far moisturizing has helped to reduce the knots. I've also been wearing my hair up or pulled back so it's less likely they tangle...if i find anything that works I'll let you know