I'm having trouble determining my hair type.

I've been using deva curl for about 2 years. But honestly I don't even know if I have naturally curly hair or if the deva curl just makes it curly. I always flat ironed my hair but wanted to get away from that. I can't just dry it and leave it or it is a big frizzy mess. I'd like to get a good cut and style I can maintain because it's just so long and hard to manage. But would like to figure out my hair type first so I can better choose. 

4 Answers

It looks 2B with a little 2A to me. Don't stress out over it, hair type really doesn't matter too much anyways as long as you are looking for blogs of people with wavy hair (type 2)
hmmm I was leaning towards 2c/3a maybe I was wrong ... 
deff not 3a, looks to me too be 2b with a bit of 2a and a bit of 2c, but it doesnt matter, classifying your curl pattern only helps tell people what it looks like, everyone has such a variation of curl patterns that what might work for my mum(2a-b) might not work for you, and what works for me (3a) won't work for others, i treat mine like someone with 3c would treat theirs, just because it looks better that way
Looks similar to mine and I believe I'm a 2c/3a. I get lots of nicely formed curls near my neck.