I'm not sure of what hair type I am, can anyone help me please ?

I just recently did the big chop during the summer of 2013, due to my hair breaking off extensively from    heat damage using the flat irons and also from getting perms and color often as well, which definitely took a huge toll on my hair. I also noticed that my hair never seemed to grow past my neck once I got my first perm when I was younger. I did the big chop and wore my hair in a super low boy cut for a few months. The day before new years was the last time I decided to shave my head and from then on I wanted to grow my hair back all natural because I did not want to spend money getting my hair done and end up with the same result as last time. I also wanted to see how long my hair would get naturally without a relaxer.  I want to say my hair is about a 4C because it is very course and there are mini coils placed randomly around my head.  I did also notice on my edges closer to my ears I have some straight hair there as well I have a picture posted of my hair currently and it state of growth so any help with finding my hair type and what types of products I can use to take care of my hair(since I am absolutely new to the natural look) that will be great ! Thank you so much in advance !  

4 Answers

it looks like 4a
you look more like 4b/4c to me. hope that helped!
I don't know for sure but it looks like somewhere between 4c and 4b. It's defineatly type 4 hair.
It looks like 4c to me, but you're still growing it out. Things change, it may turn out to be 4a or 4b. But you'll good regardless.