I'm recently transitioning from heat damage and was just wondering what is my hair type?

I've been straightening my hair since I was 14/15. Now I'm 25 and decided to try something new and natural. I think I'm a 4a although I know for sure I have two different types going on. My crown is fine where as my back is a little bit more hard to maintain as well as my front. There's a curl pattern there but it's just confusing. As some parts are fine and make an S pattern there are also some curls that are springy looking...help!!!

3 Answers

Looks to me like you are in the Type 3 family. Maybe a 3a or 3b.  You are definitely curly.  Remember that this curl typing only and does not tell you everything you need to know about your general hair type.  Here is an image for you to look over.  Good job staying away from the heat.
Your hair looks like mine when I was transitioning from heat damage. You are probably a 3b ! If not, 3a. 
Chances are that you think that your hair falls in the type 4 family because most African-American women tend to fall into the category but you actually have 3b hair that looks a little wavy here and there because it is damaged.