I'm not sure about what my hair type is..please can you help?

I'm not sure if I even have a curl pattern in the front of my head. When I do wash and goes the back of my hair is curly but the very top almost lay flat and then the ends are curly..I don't know what pattern that is. If you could help I would be so greatful.... Btw my hair is frizzy/puffy,Low porosity, looks thick to people but I think I have fine strains. 

3 Answers

It looks 2b or 3a in the front and a mixture of 3c and 4a as you go further back. I hope that helps. 3a = chalk 3b= magic marker 3c= sharpie 4a= pen spring.
Attached is a hair type chart. It is possible to have different types on your head or even one strand. Hope this helps
looks 3c and 4a hope it helps