I'm not sure what hair type I have I think 2b/2c. I am hoping someone can help me figure it out.

4 Answers

Probably 2B I'd say
Hmmm....you look like a 2b to me, but on the curlier side. Have you taken our quiz yet? That will help you assess your curl. Also check out this page to see pictures of hair types. Hope that helps! 
here is a picture of my hair half up and you can tell the difference in curl pattern 
Most of the other commenters said 2b but I say 2c because your hair is quite close to 3a but not quite. If it were any curlier it would be 3a. Also, 2a hair has very few natural waves, 2b hair has big waves and 2c hair has medium or smaller sized waves which is why I think that your hair is 2c. P.S. You're very pretty and you have a beautiful smile.