I'm not sure what hair type I am? Also im thibking about starting my curl journey over should I?

When ever my hair is dry its a different curl type but when its wet i thinks it wavy im not sure. I could really use help before i get the products (please recommend ). Also should i cut my hair so it can grow longer and more curly 

2 Answers

Hair typing is done on dry hair because wet hair is weighed down by water. (Is your hair stretched in the dry pictures?) looking at the pictures of your hair dry, I'd say that you're a 4b, maybe a 4c or a mix. As for products, you should focus more on your hair's porosity and strand thickness. That way you can pick products based on what is more likely to absorb in your hair and not weigh it down (or weigh it down, if you prefer that). Cutting your hair so it'll grow longer is more of a myth - unless you have split ends, in which case, yes, cut off the ends because they may be ruining your length retention. Cutting your hair also won't guarantee - and probably won't cause it to - that it will grow in differently than it does.
Just coming to second what domicurls said. It looks 4B to me, and your hair should be dry when trying to figure out your hair type. You shouldn't cut your hair unless 1. You're big chopping or cutting split ends. Cutting hair that has no problem only further delays your growth goals. If it isn't broken, dont fix it lol.I also agree with her on products. Although curl pattern helps to an extent it is probably the least important piece of info we need to know to select products. Focus on if you are low porosity (if it is you should try lighter products not heavy, always use water-based moisturizers and humectants, and incorporate heat to help lift your cuticles during your conditioning process), high porosity (if it is high porosity you should use heavier products like your sealant oils and moisturizers, PROTEIN will be your friend, and you will always need to deep condition) or medium porosity (aka normal porosity where the cuticle is perfectly opened and closed; you can balance protein and moisture without a problem).Figure out if your hair is high density, medium density, or low density because that will affect how much product you need; and you need to know if your strands are fine, thick, or medium. That will affect how your hair reacts to thick products or thin products. It can also help answer questions like "This product is great but it makes my hair feel heavy, why?" and "My hair still feels dry after using this deep conditioner, why?"Hope this helps, xo :)