I'm not sure what my hair type is, maybe 3c/4a? But Idk :I

I have no clue lol. I have tighter curls around my face and in a small section at my crown and the rest are a little bigger. My mom says I'm 3, but I think I might be 3c/4a. Still not sure though, I just want to get someone else's opinion :P. What do you think?? Oh and in my profile pic I'm wearing a twist out, but this is my hair from a regular ol wash and go. Uhhh ignore those three pieces of heat damage haha. I've already cut them off since this picture xD

2 Answers

i would say 3c but your hair is like mine with tighter curls in the back you could be 3c/4a. 
You are definitely 3B/ 3C  ! We have the same hair type !