Is it possible to change your hair type?

I have 3C/4A hair and I was wondering if I can change my curl type to something looser.

3 Answers

I wouldn't recommend it but I think that's what a texturizer does
You can never change your hair type permanently but you can try using chemicals such as a weak relaxer,  texturiser or physical methods such as heat, perm rods. I would suggest you ask your question on CurlTalk as you will get more answers there.
I've only heard of two ways that changes your hair type: hormones and chemo treatment.  I have personal experience with the first - very slightly wavy then had my son followed literally right after starting menopause - it went curly (for the most part 3b, some 3a but with one section off center from the back that is definitely 4c just to make my life challenging).  While growing it out I did the Brazilian blowout treatment - worse decision ever and I think bleaching it platinum would have been a healthier choice!! Trying to grow it out I had more hair break than I could ever imagine and it took over a year to get it all out and stop breaking. Just sharing my experience to help you in your decisions.