Is it possible to have both 3B and 4B curls on you head??

Hey everyone, I'm mixed race and have been relaxer free for 8 years! My curly hair has definitely changed over the years but I am becoming so frustrated by its current state. I have what I call a "patch" on the crown of my head. It's hereditary as my mom has the same patch only hers isn't as bad. Its very kinky and frizzy which make my hair difficult to style. The hair directly below by the nape of my neck is practically straight with a slight wave, and the hair at the top and around my face is definitely a 3B. Is it really possible to have this many hair types on one head? Especially ones so drastically different? When I went to the hair salon recently the stylist said it was like working on 2 different heads! :( Does anyone else out there have the same issue? I feel like my hair looks weird from the side as my frizzy "patch" instantly shrinks and poofs up while the hair underneath barely curls and is limp. Some people have told me I should get a perm on the bottom part to match my patch, which I think is silly as I don't want to chemically treat my hair again. For reference, my hair has shorter layers in the front (chin and shoulder length) where in the back, my length is 5 inches below my shoulder. Except my patch, which never seems to grow and has remained the same length for years! I've attached a photo of some of my plucked strands so you can see the difference. The one on the bottom is from my patch. Maybe there's a particular hairstyle which could make this work? Any suggestions on hair products? Most I've tried have left my hair feeling dry and make my patch more frizzy. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

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Yup it's normal! You'll probably have to style each portion differently. Maybe do a twist out to the middle patch so it matches the rest!
I think most curlies have multiple curl patterns on their head, it's definitely normal. Because your sections are so different, you will need to treat them accordingly (for example the top section may need more deep conditioning treatments than the rest to prevent that breakage). You could also try using Curlformers to retexturize your hair and give it all one consistent curl pattern without using chemicals. 
Yes, I think so! It's important to know which products work on your specific hair type, and which styles work for you. Build your own custom hair care kit and focus on highlighting your hair's strengths while not covering up its weaknesses. Luckily for us curlies, there are SO MANY hair products to choose from. Here's our hair typing system-
Yep!  A lot of people have different curl types. I like Eve's idea for blending the hair types. Try it and post a picture for us!
I have the same hair. Wavy at the neck, 4b at my temples and scattered on the crown, and 3b everywhere else. I use products for 3b, since that is what the majority of my hair is. However, I do extra scrunching and finger curls on the wavy hair, and add lots of extra product to the 4b. I will also add a little water and more product during the day when my hair wont cooperate. I also believe that the multiple curls on my head contributes to my extremely dry scalp in the areas of my 4b curls and hair loss in that area if I don't stay on top of the dryness.Good luck. I hope this helps.
Here's a link to a pic of my hair. It's so curly at the top but just wavy at the bottom. Don't mind the frizz. It's minimally styled and I hate when my feels crunchy, so I pulled my fingers through it. ;)