Is my hair 2C or 3A?

Hi, I would like to know what type of curls I have. I am not sure if it is 2c or maybe 3a. Please, help me decide:) xoxo

5 Answers

Looks 2c overall to me, but you might have some 3a in there too. Your hair is beyond!  I love it! 
lovely curls :-)
I have almost the same exact hair as you just not as pretty :( and I was told I have 2c. I would love to know what your hair care routine is!?
Most people have a mix of a couple of curl patterns, I would say both 3A and 2C. You can also take this quiz to be sure:
I agree, you have 2C for sure. But i tend to call my hair a mix of 2b, 2c, 3a... See, it is not all cut and dry. do you need any product suggestions?