I've taken the quiz for myself but I can't determine my daughters hair type. Help please?

her hair is...different. It's very big and very frizzy. It takes a lot of oil to soften her hair but when it's soft, it's almost too soft. She's only 4 and has never had any chemicals. Her hair images will be posted below. Notice, there is barely a curl pattern. Very wavy when wet but dry big and frizzy when dry. 

3 Answers

Hers also looks like 4A hair to me☺️ When I was a kid my hair ( 3A/3B) bushed out like that, though not as nice and thick as your daughter's, it was equally fly-away. My grandson's hair is similar, though his is kept pretty short. I'm no expert, but I notice that our beautiful mixed or bi-racial kids have hair that seems one way, then another. So she *may* have 3C!Try less oil but a leave-in conditioner maybe? And/or maybe try jojoba oil which is lighter but is one of the few which penetrates the hair shaft.
I agree. I would try a milk or leave in product like Kinky Curly Knot Today or Shea Moisture Coconut Hibiscus Milk or similar. They will be moisturizing but not as heavy as an oil. I think it's a little hard to tell her curl pattern here. Might be easier to assess when wet and or dry but clumped a little with product and not in a combed out state (if it is?). But what do I know, I'm just a 2c! LOL ;)
Do you comb her hair after washing it and applying a styler or before?