I've always been wavy, but I'm not sure what my hair type is?

I've been pregnant or nursing for the past three years and my hair seems to have changed a bit from pre-pregnancy (then again, it could also be the lack of doing anything with my hair because I'm too darn busy with two very young children).  I've been reading up on the curly girl method, and I've decided to give it a go - today is my first day and my profile pic is my official Day 1 of the CG method.  Previously, whenever I did my hair, I would use a very strong clarifying shampoo followed by no conditioner whatsoever and a bunch of gel and mousse to get my waves to stay in place.  Every time I used conditioner, the waves would get weighed down and fall out flat, so I'm skeptical that this method is going to work.  However, I never paid attention to ingredients before and used lots of silicone-based products.  So I'm hoping this will take care of the problem - even though it's only been about three hours since I styled my hair and the waves seem to already be falling flat....  I guess I really don't know what my hair type is, what my porosity is (everything I've read is so confusing, I feel like I could be low, medium, or high porosity on any given day), or what my texture is (I think I'm on the finer side, thin strands).  I know I have a pretty high density (I can barely wrap an elastic around my hair more than twice). So I guess my question is, how can I REALLY figure out my hair type, and thereby figure out what products are best for me.  I'm basing my "2b" guess on pictures and the quiz alone...

1 Answer

Since you've been pregnant or nursing for the past 3 years, that can really change your curl pattern and since you're just starting the CG method, you will find that your curl pattern will most likely change. It will either get curlier, or less curly (like it did for me). The best way to find products for your hair is not through knowing your curl pattern, but knowing the texture, porosity, and things like that.