What kind of hair do you use to determine hair type?

I have armpit length hair. When its wet it's like 3c on top and then 2/3B on the bottom. I'm not sure if its the water weighing it down and making it look that way.But if I put curl creams/mousse in my hair and let it dry it shrinks up and out to shoulder length and looks like a solid 3c (I think). Does that mean 3c is my hair type? (The green crew neck shirt is my hair with a good amount of mousse/curl cream. The other is my hair right after washing and conditioning.)

1 Answer

Your hair type is determined by how your hair looks completely dry. Hair, no matter the porosity, will be weighed down by the water, making it hard to determine hair type. I personally experience something similar. My hair looks more like 2c waist length hair when it's wet, but when it dries it's more like 3a to 3b hair that is just past my shoulders. You hair isn't 3b, the curls are a little to tight for that. I honestly think you look like a mix of 3c and 4a, leaning more towards 4a.