low density low porosity 2c-3a hair

I just recently went natural, I'm so excited about my hair journey. I've been doing more and more research and I'm realizing I have 2c-3a hair and I have very low density and very low porosity. I feel as if no matter what I do my hair still has a halo of frizz in it. Also, my curls look amazing once I've diffused dried it (on cold air) but as the day goes on my hair becomes very limp. Some parts even look bald because my hair is so thin. I'm currently using Shea Moisture formulated for wavy, curly,frizzy hair shampoo and conditioner. For a leave in I'm using a Sebastian knock off from sally beauty supply(its very light) and the goddess gel from Curls as a styling gel. Does anyone have any tips or product ideas for low porosity and low density hair?Comments about the products I'm using? 

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I would recommend dry shampoo at the roots to give you some more volume there during the day if you're finding that your hair goes limp during the day. Another good tip is to "clip at the canopy" which means to put duckbill clips in at your roots while your hair is drying so that when it does dry you have some lift at your roots.Another great method that I learned from the NaturallyCurly co-founder Michelle is to flip your head upside down and scrunch your fingers at your roots and shake out your curls to give your curls a boost during the day. Hope that helps!
I have fine/low porosity hair. I couldn't use the SM products, they just sat on my hair and I had to wash them out. I use more natural products that don't have a lot of chemicals. I steer clear of polyquats, especially 4, 7 and 10. I know I have problems with them because of frizz when wet. I also have difficulty getting rid of them. Have to use sulfate shampoo.
I am in the same boat!!! Just went natural trying to figure out my hair...2C-3A Don't know what to do about the frizz. I Started using devacurl. I love the conditioner and use the gel but the frizz is just too much. Have you found anything that helps? 
I am in the same boat.  I cannot seem to find any advice on here about how to control the halo frizz for low porosity wavy type hair (2c)!  I keep reading that the secret may be in the gel but I use gel and it either comes out to crunchy or too heavy.  I even tried using less gel and guess what...halo frizz is back.  I'm about to give on this curly girl method since no matter what I do, halo frizz is still present.