Male, 16. Just wondering what my hair type is for a guy? Will it curl as it grows?

it used to be straight but one day I decided not to blow dry or curl it and see what happens. Here I am a year later with curly hair and idk how. I just want to know what hair type it is and what it will do when it grows out. I'd also like to know how it went from straight to curly/wavy if anyone has an answer. Thanks in advance!

2 Answers

I would say your hair is in the 2c range. You can look up the characteristics of Type 2c hair to see if it fits you along with pictures, because you know your hair better than me :). It seems to have the Wave Curl effect (big, loose curls that aren't quite ringlets and can pass for waves if just glancing).As for why your hair is now curly and not straight, it sounds like [if] you were constantly blow drying and manipulating your hair causing maybe a form of heat damage and damage in general to your curl pattern. The less you manipulate it the more that'll shine through.I hope this helped lol. xo
I would've said a short 3a or a 3a/2c. I agree with the Wave Curl effect mentioned, but I thought of it more as a curl that wasn't quite long enough to form a ringlet yet, hence why I think it may be 3a. It's hard to tell what it may look like as it gets longer as everybody's hair looks somewhat different from each others. Also agreed, depending on how you were blow drying your hair, it might be that you suffered heat or manipulation damage. However, you are also a teenager, so it might be likely that hormone changes resulted in the change in texture. A lot of wavies/curlies/even straight-haired people find that their hair starts to change as their hormones do. It might've also been your produts, if you changed those of late. A lot of looser curlies say their hair gets curlier  when they start using the curly girl method (maybe it's true of other methods?).