Mixed hair help determining type.

Hello, it's my first time writing on the forum, hope you're having a good day and thanks for taking the time to read.So I have started to grow out my hair, I am on month 3 on the sides growing from a buzz cut (sides only, not top) and I find my hair to be somewhat odd. Is it normal? Basically, I see something like a 3a at the border of my hair (all around) but the rest seems like 2b and it's also 2a on the back part of the top, nearly straight. The inconsistent texture is rather strange to me, am I part of a few people or is this common, is it because it's still short (nearing 3 inches)? How should I identify my hair type? I uploaded one picture of when I started to grow it (3 mo)  for reference. (When short it was not noticeable it would be that curly)Thank you!

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