So Many Mixed Patterns?

I noticed that a lot of naturals have mix patterns but usually close in range. I am literally amazed because my patterns are completely different. I am a fully 2 year natural and have color damage at the very ends of my hair and no heat damage (I don't use heat). I have so many patterns; I have 3b/3c, 3c, 3c/4a, 4a and 4a/4b. The worse part is that my 4a/4b hair is right next to my 3b/3c so apply product sucks because it may weight down on hair string or may not be enough for the other . I been natural for over 2 years and my hair has always been this way since going natural. I want my texture to even up in hair pattern. I am 17 years old female. I heard that hair changes each 10 years, so is that my problem or is this just my hair.3c/4a in the front3b/3c next to my ears3c around the 3b/3c4a and 4a/4b in the backI just see so many naturals with even or close to even patterns and I am like what the heck? Why don't I have even or at least close to even patterns?

2 Answers

You're hair doesn't actually sound that uncommon to me! Also, unless they take significantly different process, I'd consolidate to 3c/4a in the front, 3b/3c around and behind the ears, and 4a/4b in the back/nape. I don't remember the exact numbers, but I'm pretty sure that hair strands go through their life span faster than 10 years, so I doubt that that's the reason :\ It may just be how your hair is... which, unfortunately, means there's probably no natural way to try and even up the texture. However, for styling product purposes, I would focus on the way that I'm sectioning my hair if I were you. I would try and section based on hair type so that you may treat each section. Depending on the products your using, you can probably use the same ones all around, just fidget with how much you use on each section.
Might be all that color