Mixed race hair types?

So I have type 3A hair and I am mixed race. My mother has very fine hair that is barely even wavy, while my father has thick coily hair. But the weird thing is that when I look at the hair in my brush there are two different types of hair. Most of my hair (I'd say 60-70% of it) is curly and fine, while the remaining hairs and very kinky and much coarser and thicker. I was wondering if any other mixed race girls had experienced something similar.

4 Answers

I have the same thing. I have mixed hair as well and I think it is normal to have two types of curls/coils/waves in your hair :) hope this helps. 
Id have to say I definitely have the same problem. I'm mixed black and white as well and I have what i'd say abnormally fine hair for mixed but at the same time i have those kinky/course hairs at the back of my neck. Is there anything you do to maximise volume/thickness? always looking for more tips
I deal with the same thing! I'm mixed too, and most of the strands are black 3b-ish spirals, then there will be random blonde waves and it's really random lol
Me too! Overall I classify my hair as 3a, but I actually have hairs ranging from 2a to 4a.  It can be difficult because my kinky 4a's never want to stay in my s shaped curls, they just chill off to the side of all my curls doing their own thing. I used to think it was frizz, but now I know I just have a little of everything!  When I do wash and goes, I just twist the parts that are 4a in with some of my 3a's, when it dries in a few hours, I take it out.  I end up having a wash and go/twist out.  It works very well. My profile picture is braid out, btw.