my hair is curly on my roots but straight going down how can i get my curls tight curls back ?

i use to have tight curls since i was born lol but once i got into middle school when i was 13 i started using heat on my hair such ass straightening it an curling it now im 15 and miss my curls like crazy but curls form at the root of my head but its so flat going down to the end on my hair what should i do or use to get my curls back ? 

2 Answers

well it sounds like you need to begin the process of transitioning back to your curly hair. You can either big chop (cut off all the straight ends) or you can grow it out gradually. first thing is to STOP using heat on your hair. You can do different styles such as twist outs and braid outs to mix the two different textures together. Eventually you will have to cut your ends.
I had the same problem. Firstly do protein treatments, one every mounth. The one I used which really left my curls beautifully defined was the islands natural one by Aubrey organics. Deep condition once a week to keep your new curls healthy and strong. Use curl definingProducts, they may cause shrinkage but they really enhance the shape and tightness of your curls. I suggest the shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie for that :). Please answer my question