Need some help with hair typing

Hey there! I'm  new to the community and looking for some help when it comes to hair typing. I know this question is asked a lot but no two curlies have the same hair, right? My hair tends to lack volume at the roots yet it can frizz 2x the size if it decides to. My curl pattern varies drastically depending on which product I use and the time of year. I have attached two photos of my confused hairThank you lots in advance!ps. Any extra tips are greatly appreciated :)

2 Answers

The first pic looks 2b and the second, if you push it, the limit :)
The two pictures shown aren't drastically different, you definitely seem to be in the type 2 range as the person above has established. I think that you should find products that really work well on your hair, and stick to them; don't fix what isn't broken right? But on a side note, your hair looks pretty healthy so just keep doing what you do. Hope this helps.