New to hair care in my 30's guidance required. I know nothing of care, and need some insight

Hair care is wash and condition it. The last time I cared enough LA Looks and ceasar cuts were king and Bone Thugs N Harmony were new.  prior to a month ago all I knew was frizeeze and scrunch it up to scalp.  If anyone could help me define my type, texture, and basics it would be appreciated.  Gifted ouidad for this Christmas and trying to learn, before that I didn't know there were "types" of a curls.  Hair was done with ouidad products and rake-n-shake 2nd try on this product, def less curly than frizeeze.  Before frizzeeze I thought was unmanagable and horrid looking, but I like long hair.  Are these curls at all? In person I can see ringlets but not really in pics.  Girls I meet call my hair curly but I'm starting to think not.  Split ends have never been trimmed, hair was about 1in long after last cut.  Sorry for # of pics, but I think it looks slightly different from all angles. If I try to isolate the clear spirals the hair I move away from them pulls them apart

2 Answers

It looks to me that you have 2c hair. That means that it is very wavy, but not necessarily curled into twirls and spirals.Wavy hair can oftenly have a nice shine and feel. The curlier, the coarser. You probably have a nice medium of smooth and coarse.Tips:Get a small trim. (Trimming your hair is a good way to keep it healthy. Stylists at your salon can use nice products to improve your hair and could suggest great products for your hair specifically.Conditioner! (In curly hair, conditioner is life. Wavy hair can really benefit from conditioning well. Shampoo will also help, just do not apply as often.)Moisturize! (Use shampoo without sulfate. Products with Shea butter are AWESOME for hair!)Here are some brands with great hair products!-Garnier -Suave-Tresemme- _____ and Sexy Hair (They have some for different types. EX. Curly, straight)Hope I helped!You have beautiful hair! :)
Thank you very much!  I will pick up a bottle of sexy hair, as a male that word is automatic sold.  I've been having good luck with ouidad products, but almost out so I took a chance on some shea moisture products since they were discounted at my local store.  The curl milk styler is a bit too much for me, but the shampoo and conditioner had very mild scents.  Hopefully they work though!This was intended to be a response to anon