Not sure of my curl type, trying to find the right products to transition!

I've taken the test on here to figure out my curl type, I seem to be in between a 2C and a 3A. So I'm having trouble deciding which products I need to use to transition to all natural products. On the bottom I have thick tight ringlets about the same size as my pinky that are sometimes difficult to straighten, and shrink to about an inch shorter than the rest of my hair. On the top I have sometimes well shaped ringlets about the size of sidewalk chalk that easily loose their curl. But I also have a few spots (at the very base of my neck and a few spots up front) that are almost completely straight with very little wave. What hair type regimen or products should I use? Help!

2 Answers

It's pretty common to have multiple hair types on one head.  You might want to just look at natural products that 2Cs and 3As seem to like and start experimenting. You could start here
Best thing to do is wait, one of my friends thought she was a 3a but turned at a 4a, and use anti- breakage conditioners, since your not curly yet or doing the cg ( i'm guessing your not) i liked the l'oreal total damage repair balm (i think) it's in a yellow jar.