Okay so I'm not sure what my hair type is....Anyone think they might have an idea??

So here's a picture of my hair...in the back(my nape) and I have no clue what my hair type is...maybe 3c/4a or 4b I have no clue lol HALPPP!

2 Answers

it honestly looks 3b to me. That's what my hair looks like in the back just longer (but I have three patterns in my head lol). It could be 3c but from the photos I just attached of 3b and 3c hair its more on the looser side. The looser ones are 3b and the tighter ones are 3c.
I was thinking that it looked like type 4a or 3c in this picture, but I can't quite tell. Out of curiosity, is your hair wet in this picture?