Please help! I'm not sure if I have 2 different hairtypes on my head, but the front part won't curl

the front part seems sort of dry, but no matter what hair product I put in my hair, it doesn't curl! I want all of my hair to be like the looser curls I'm holding in the back. Is there something I can do to get the front part of my hair less poofy. I really want all 3b curls

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Looks like you may have excessive heat damage. I recomend Hollywood Beauty's Hydrating hair mask with Argan Oil hair treatment from Morocco for intense conditioning. (found at Walgreens which is a drugstore) It works great & smells wonderful! OR do a hot oil treatment & leave it on for about 30 mins to an hour & then apply a HYDRATING conditioner or deep conditioner & let it sit for an hour than rinse. If that doesn't work, youll have to cut the heat damaged hair. 
Ia this your hair dried naturally by air with no product etc? 
yes. It is
From you picture is looks like its 3b with a mix of 3a. There's definitely damage in the front and ends too. However I rarely use heating products and only us mousse daily and hair dye a few times a year. I still get those frizz clumps the are just frizz and won't curl. Youneed  to moisturizer or cut.
thank you. I sometimes use a diffuser. Do you know of that's bad for your hair too? Not sure if it counts as a heating product. :/