Can someone pls tell me the type of my daughters hair?

Hi, Brit newbie here, and also a straight haired mommy!We noticed our 5 years daughters hair started changing about a year or so ago, it went from beautiful soft curls to coarse and wirey at the root. Now it is fairly wavy at the front but tighter, and much dryer from her crown down to her nape. I am clueless as to what products to use as some make the front a bit lank and others make the back frizzy! We also dont have many of the products suggested on here in the UK. Any help would be very very much appreciated :)

2 Answers

Her hair seems to be 2A in the front, 2C in the back! I'm from the US, so I can't really help direct you to any good hair products, however you can look here to read more about the hair types of your daughter and the recommendations of the type of products that should help! Sorry I couldn't help a lot. Good luck! :) x
Thank you, after having a read through the site i've realised how neglected her hair is (bad mommy), we've done a natural hair mask and used some non sulphate shampoo and it's amazing at the result already!