Porosity Confusion - What Am I?

I've assumed my hair was high porosity as the infamous strand test found my hair flying to the bottom of the glass. I also feel some bumps down each strand. My regimen works well. I LOC in moisture and have a great protein/moisture balance. My 3B medium density medium width strands have grown to beyond BSL and are normally found in a wash n go or bun. The thing is, I've realized things are more complex than I thought. Yes, on wash day my hair has absorped the water and hangs down extremely and thoroughly saturated seconds after the water hits it. Fast forward to post-oil and post-butter, I'm waiting ten hours for my hair to dry. Sometimes longer. Isn't my hair supposed to lose water as quickly as it takes it? Even if I dry sans product it's not quick. Ever. And where's the frizz in humid climates? Shouldn't my hair swell trying to take on more water? My go to sealing oil is coconut which penetrates so surely a few days post wash wouldn't seal out this environmental moisture?Then I love permanent color. Yep bring on the hydrogen peroxide and do it at a 40 volume. Why? Because my hair will not lift 1 level with a 20 or even 30 within 1 hour. But high porosity hair takes color right!? So why do I go through extremes for color? Now I thought the color was the reason for the high porosity but only my ends seem willing to lift being naturally a higher porosity but roots down to most of the strand? No color changes. So I use the 40 & a porosity corrector to get the results I love. Is there such a thing as hair that takes on and also holds on to water? Or hair with cuticles that lift and close seemingly randomly? I'm not using anything like baking soda to open or vinegar to close. I just want to better understand this head of hair!

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