Is it possible to not have a curl pattern?

Hello my fellow naturals, Growing up I've always wore my hair in it's natural state. I was either wearing braids or cute ponytails. I don't remember seeing much of a curl pattern, because I was a child and I didn't pay much attention to my hair. My mother took care of it for me. Around the age of 12 is when I got my first relaxer and I've continued to get them until I turned about 14. When I turned 14, I did my research on natural hair and discovered how beautiful afro-textured hair is alone compared to when it's chemically relaxed or straighten (P.S. I've had about 5 relaxers within those two years) I've informed my mother about my research and we've decided, along with my little sister, to go natural. My mother transitioned for about 4 months until she went to a local men's barber shop and told them to cut it all off. When I turned 16, my mother cut my hair for me, but she didn't know how to identify where my natural hair ended. My hair gave off a false curly illusion. My roots have tight yet sort of a loose curl. My ends were wavy, yet curly. Sooner or later I began to identify a few straight ends in my hair and asked her to cut it again and she did. I am now 17 and the ends of my hair feel brittle, have split ends and fall out from time to time, while also appearing straight when dry & curly/wavy when wet. They aren't similar to my roots, which feel soft and are curled without splits. I haven't applied heat to my hair within these 3 years and I still can't identify my curl pattern. Am I technically still transitioning? Should I seek professional help? Am I maintenancing my hair correctly? (I don't moisturize my hair everyday bc it tends to be quite oily. I do use all natural products such as coconut oil, grapeseed oil, olive oil, aloe vera, raw shea butter, pink lotion, shea moisture's curl enhancing smoothie, & miss jessie's curl pudding. Those are all the products I have ever tried. Sometimes I don't wear a satin bonnet to bed and I don't pineapple my hair bc it's too short. I'll lay on my hair without it being twisted or braided up). Can anyone please help me in my state of confusion? All comments are appreciated! Thank you! P.S. I've attempted to identify my hair as 4a or 4b but I'm not certain. My hair confuses me everyday!

1 Answer

It is very possible to not have curl definition and your hair can still be healthy. Check out the article 7 Reasons You Can't Figure Out Your Curl Pattern.