Is it possible for my hair to go from a 4c to a 4a in a few months?

Sew ins are my protective style. I have only been natural for about a year (November) but I never condition my hair except for the one night when I take my sew in out because I'm about to get a new one. my leave out went from 4c to 4c in about a month and I was wondering if that's from heat damage or if that's my actual hair pattern. 

2 Answers

You've been natural since last November so 5 months? or November 2014 (1 yr +5 months)? I'm also not sure what each picture is showing; I'm assuming the 1st one is a 4c texture shot and the 2nd one shows the 4a? If it's only your leave out, it's highly likely that this is just heat damage. This is even more likely if you've been natural since Nov 2014 since I've heard of people's hair changing up to maybe 6 months post-bc, but not many cases after that.Also, I'm not sure how often you take your sew-in out, but, if it's less than once every two weeks min, you should probably see if there's a way to moisturize your hair during that time. Or try a have it so you deep condition with a good deep conditioner when you take out the sew in.
Are you transitioning?  If so, you can't actually accurately type your hair due to the processed hair weighing your natural hair down.  Secondly, has your hair been washed in the pictures you provided?  If your hair is stretched as a result of the style you just removed, you should not use it to determine your curl pattern.