Is it possible that your (new growth)hair texture will change after getting a relaxer?

I began transitioning about 2 years ago and then got one relaxer As my hair grew back I stopped getting relaxers, but I continued to straighten my hair. I straightened it for about 7 months. For the last 5 months I did protective styles. I just took down my faux locs, and my hair has completely changed! It went from being a curly 3c/4b texture (before the relaxer) to a thick coily 4b/4c texture. I had the faux locs in for about 3 months (terrible, I know). I am not sure if the changed texture is my hair is dry and recovering from being in braids or if my hair texture really changed after getting my last relaxer 1 year ago. Is anyone familiar with this happening?

1 Answer

It is possible that your hair texture has changed. Especially if there was any change in your hormone levels during this time - may from puberty, pregnancy, etc. It's also possible that you're hair might have some - or a lot - of heat damage from it's being flat ironed for those 7 months. If this is the case, then you might have to start transitioning again, but this time from heat damage.