Which protective style would work best on my Caucasian hair

I understand protective styles have a general purpose to....well....protect.However I'm looking for some thingood to solely style my hair. I don't use any heat on my hair, not even a blow drier....EVER. I would love to find a style I could sleep in and have a more defined look for occasions or whatnot. Honestly, I'm just kind of bored with my hair. I am just not sure if my hair texture will hold these gorgous protective styles. Oh and k have tried braids and i feel like the make my hair less curly.....and I'm not about that (;If anyone has a suggestion on a style with out heat that will enhance my hair that would be lovely. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if there are any for my texture.I will attach pictures.thanks!

2 Answers

A bun or french braid
You could try a french braid. I used to use that on relaxed hair for a tighter body wave. You could also use curlformers or flexirods, but whether your hair holds that curl or not is dependent of your hair. If you want to get some help with that, use mousse. If you want to almost guarantee that it works, use setting lotion.