Re: porosity-i got a high and low porosity result with your tests-what does this mean?

Performing both porosity tests gave me mixed results.  In the bowl of water my hair floated, indicating low porosity.  When I did the Slip and Slide test, I felt little bums along the way, indication high porosity.  I am trying to determine which products I should be using for my hair.  I seem to be in both the high and low porosity categories, which require different products-please help me!

2 Answers

Was your hair squeaky clean when do you did the slip test? You may have been feeling product remains.
I've heard that the bowl of water test can sometimes be inaccurate, so take it with a grain of salt. As well, it's certainly possible that different sections of your hair could have different porosities. I've found that the best way to determine your porosity is just to see how your hair responds to different products. Start out with a routine that includes moisture treatments and protein treatments and see how your hair tolerates them. Read up on the signs of over-conditioned hair and over-proteined (is that a word? lol) hair, so you can recognize the signs your hair gives you. Then adjust the amounts of protein and moisture based on what your hair likes. Good luck!