Last relaxer April 2014...this pic is of my dry hair. Please help me figure out my type. Thanks

3 Answers

When you big chop, your hair curl pattern is gonna change so I say wait for your BC to determine your curl pattern :) Good luck on your hair journey
At this point it is hard to tell, but once it grows more you will be able to get more of an idea. Plus, when you big chop it is not that your hair texture will change, but what you once thought were waves may turn into curls/coils because the relaxed hair is not weighing it down anymore! Good Luck! :)
Look at you, all excited about going natural!  High five for beginning your journey.  Like the ladies mentioned above at this point, with only a half inch or so of growth it may be tough to tell what unique combination of curls, coils and kinks you got going on there.  That doesn't mean you should just throw up your hands in despair.  This is an EXCELLENT time to start learning all about highly textured hair and what works best for it.  Here's a good rule of thumb when it comes to textured hair:  the tighter the curl, the more fragile and more porous the strands.  Like every rule, there are of course exceptions, but if your hair is feeling extremely dry, fragile and tightly packed, you're probably in the Type 4 family, like many people of African descent.  Good luck figuring it out!