What's my hair type?

I know this gets asked a lot but I'm stuck.I tried to do the quiz but none of the answers seemed to completely fit because i've got neither thight nor loose curlsI've got extremely thin and fine hair. My roots are a bit wavy but mostly straight and they get a lot curlier towards the ends. i recently made the porosity test and apparently I've got low-normal porosity I've included two photos:in the first one, i tried to show you one of my curls.please ignore the second-day frizz in the first photoThe second one is from the back of my head Btw, could anyone explain to me what cherub curls are? I saw it mentioned in a forum once but couldn't find a proper explanation.Also, I'm pretty sure that I've made lots of grammar mistakes, i'm really sorry but i'm still trying to learn english

1 Answer

its a 3B hair type :)