What's my hair type?

it really doesn't matter I just need to know so it helps me with what products I should use. I'm currently 7.5 months transitioning. I have fine strands but a lot if it. When I wash it, it becomes frizzy in some parts...until I use EcoStyler to clump them. My goal is to transition for 28-36 months and then cut all the relaxed ends off slowly. My hair is currently like 2.5-3.5 ins from arm-pit length. My goal for my curls within the next 2-4years is to have my hair reach Shoulder Blade/Bra-Strap length in curly state and mid-back/waist length in its straight state. I think my hair is 3c with some 4a and 3b. I think I have scab hair in the front around my edges. I washed my hair today and saw curls on my scalp and frizz on the ends. So yes scab hair is real and I've witnessed it first hand.The first picture is freshly washed with no product. The second picture I added EcoStyler gel.The third is stretched hairLast is my hair in its dry state

2 Answers

if you think you are 3c, 4a, and 3b then it is 3c, 4a, and 3b. 
Mix of 3c 4A looks like.