What's my hair type and how do I get rid of frizziness?

although I took many hair type test I still can't define what curl pattern i have. It may be 3b or maybe 3c but Iam unsure. I've been transitioning for 10 months and did 2 mini big chops and occasional trims. So I have permed ends but not that much you can take a look at the pictures I attached.Another question I have is that the top of my hair is Dry and very frizzy and not like that back of my head so how do I get rid of that and make it like the back of my head? 

1 Answer

Your hair seems more like Type 4 to me. Type 4 curls are fractal/zigzag curls. I think you have beautiful hair! DevaCurl Decadence is a great way to reduce frizz, as is their Supercream. For second day or third day curls (and so on) try a frizz-fighting product like Bed Head After Party or some lavender water.