What's my hair type ? I'm kinda lost

Hi curlies ! :)I think I might be 3B but I'm not sure. It also changes... some days I feel like I'm more of 3A, and some days more like a 3B ... Could you help me ?Oh, and I'm sorry about my bad English and grammar, it isn't my first language so... :)

2 Answers

u have lovely hair! U could be both types, a lot of people have several curls in their head.Hair density, strand thickness and porosity r more important to finding what works for u than what ur hair type is, so focus more on the other things. OGX,Aussie, African pride,Softer,Main and Tail, Talia wajid, sulfur 8, Cantu, etc. Are some nice brands to try and find stuff from. Try things out and see if they work for u. 
Hi Iness, I LOVE your hair! I think your hair texture is more on the 3b side. I probably would use that classification to get the best hair products recommendations. As I can see your hair is very thick, but I has a very good definition and  hold so whatever products your using work great. I do recommend using the cantu shea butter line I always gives my 3b/3c the greatest results. Hope this helps jab a nice day!!!