What's my hair type? i'm newly natural and want to find a youtubeer i can follow

I feel like i'm a range of things, which is kinda of a annoying. i would like to find a youtuber that has a similar hair type to me so i can learn some cute styles. The first blurred out pic is 3rd day wash and go, 2nd two pics are from day 5 or 6 wash and go so excuse the frizz please

2 Answers

You hair type looks kind of similar to mine im in between 3b and 3c but your hair looks like type 3c. Your hair is really pretty! Hope this helped : )
Looks like mostly 3B to me, maybe a little 3C. Check out Sunkissalba, Lana Summer, Itsmyrayeraye has some hair advice too. You can also just google 3B or 3C styles, for different hairstyles it probably won't make much of a differenct between the two.