It's my hair wavy or is it product?

I've always struggled with my hair, trying to keep it straight using heat. However, I've recently started to think that my hair might not be straight and have been trying to let it go natural. When I first started it was wavy, nearly straight but with time it has become (Without products )ia wavy, frizzy mess. With product parts are ringlets and other parts are wavy. So is it only product or is my hair wavy? I'm trying to work out the best way to have healthy, low maintenance hair. 

1 Answer

Your hair is wavy and even curly. The products do not produce or create the wave or curl, they just help enhance it to it's full potential. If you go without product, your hair will curl or wave naturally when wet and partially once it's fully dry, it needs moisture so it tries to take it from the air and that's why it becomes puffy and frizzy.Depends on your pattern to know the product you will need, if you have a slight wave the usually a bit of cream will do. But you say some parts are ringlets, so you may need a stronger product to control those parts, like mousse and gels. Another thing you should consider is a haircut, and specially a dry one. Because in that way the stylist will know how to cut the ringlets (maybe to make them wavier, or enhance them) and how to cut the waves to make them look curlier or fit into the look.I have that mixed texture, where the under need layer forms curls, the front and side also curls but the top back layer is wavy. So my hair looks gorgeous on the front but I turn my head and it is nightmare. Recently I got a wet haircut it was a night mare, my dad kept telling you have to curl or you back side too. I went to fix it and got a dry cut, after that my father told me your back side is curling same as the front did the stylist curl it? I told him not that it was cut and air dry with some product. Anyways I think from your description your hair is not only wavy but curly and mixed texture, so you will need to find a styling method and products that best work with that. Good luck :)