What would you say my hair type is?

I have shoulder length hair.  I think it would be classified as coily, but I'm not sure.  It doesn't shape like an afro; it falls down and is very soft, but the curls are very defined and constant around my head. I've tried the quiz but I'm still not sure which type it is.  I want to know so I can start doing more styles with my hair instead of just letting it fall down.  Help? Thanks!

3 Answers

3A/3B. it definitely kinky curly. and cute :) & there are a lot of style you can do with it without knowing. You can do buns, or twist outs or even bantu knots. they will come out marvelous with your hair :) 
that is waaaay tighter than 3a. I'd say 3c. It's definitely more coily than curly
Yea it looks 3c... you might have 3b in there but more 3c than anything. Did you coil it yourself? I assume so. It's LOVELY!