Front section of hair completely different. Can someone please help??

As of right now I am pretty for certain on my hair type and the products needed for my crown and the nape of my head. However, I cannot help but notice the front of my hair is completely different. There isn't a curl or really a courseness to it. It's rather fluffy and kind of has small waves but not slick or shiny. Can someone please tell me their opinion on my hair type for the front of my hair and  maybe some products suggestions?SN: It also has less elasticity then the rest of my hair. Could this be due to heat damage? Thanks! 

1 Answer

I highly encourage cutting the heat damage ends . Weather its chemical or mechanical it cannot be reversed at all . Either u cut while its not totally damage or do a BIG CHOP LATER .... Definitely do a deep-conditioner treatment to hydrated hair back to life . I use all natural hair products for my hair . Coconut oil , olive oil, and sometimes shea butter