Never seen anyone with hair like mine. Here it's combed and air dried, no product. What type is it?

I have the oddest hair. I always say it looks like cotton candy. It doesn't seem to fit any of the "types" (2a, 2b, etc). Mostly it's fluffy. It has some curly sections and some straight sections. It actually looks better on humid days because the curl is enhanced. I usually style it by blowing it dry, twisting it, dampening it, and blowing it dry again. I attached a picture of it styled that way on a REALLY good hair day. I like how that comes out most of the time, but is there a way I can work with its natural texture without so much heat styling?

3 Answers

your hair is pretty. mine is very similar to yours. I have a lot of wavy pieces, some almost straight and some curly pieces. Yours looks like a 2b. Maybe even 2c 
I'd have to agree. It seems 2b, with a good day looking more like a 2c..
Since it has been styled by twisting and drying and such,  I don't think we can say exactly what your hair type is unless we see it in it's "natural" state...... air dried or diffused, without manipulation. Can you show us a picture of that? Your hair is definitely categorizable and you can always find more curl and more curl definition with the right products and habits, namely the Curly Girl Method! You can look into here on NC. And, Youtube vloggers The Polished Curl and Rockyn Curls as well as Curly Kat Marie are good ones to check out.