Seriously, what in the world is my hair type?

Please excuse the horrible photo. DxI honestly have absolutely no idea what hair type I am. I have always straightened and used keratin treatments in my hair, because I've never been able to quite manage my hair. It is more a wave/curl.. so definitely 2b or 2c, however.. I have certain sections of my hair that are curlier than others and some that are pretty much straight. It's a mess. Gels and mousses do tend to work on my hair, but they always leave it feeling crunchy.. leave in conditioners work to an extent, but they do nothing to manage the frizz. The reason I am unsure about 2b or 2c is because my hair is fine, much like 2b, however, I have more of a wave/curl like 2c. In fact, the description for 2c is pretty spot on.. right down to the coarseness.. however.. because my hair is fine and not thick, I tend to think this is not me. Any ideas? I'm in major need of help. :/

2 Answers

It looks 2b to me
I'd say its a 2b