Would Shea Moisture or another brand bring back my old curly hair?

I used to have 2b/3a hair when i was younger. Now suddenly i have 2a/1 hair. i moved from Abu Dhabi to London when i was about 3. Did the change in environment change my hair type? i was born with naturally curly hair but now my hair is just flat/wavy. i was just wondering if there was any way that i could possibly get that hair type back with certain products ? thanks x

2 Answers

Hi! Hair texture can change over time just due to growing up. However, the chance in environment/ wrong products could have something to do with the lack of curls. Try She'soisture curl enhancing smoothie and finger coil the strands that are straighter. If you find that your hair isn't clumping at all, then your texture may have changed for good. You can always apply some product to and do a braidout for some curly waves.
I agree with the other person who answered; it could also be that there is more moisture in the air which affected your curl pattern.